CI/CD Pipelines for DevSecOps with Hybrid Cloud

The Meetup for Tampa Bay DevOps recently hosted a session on CI/CD Pipelines for DevSecOps with Hybrid Cloud by Michael Fraser.

Description: Leveraging CI / CD pipelines, enterprises want to be able to automate in a hybrid world, with some on-premise and public cloud automation. Both enterprise and Department of Defense tech teams are facing a huge challenge as more and more IT infrastructure is moved to the cloud and made fully automated. The days of manual deployments of infrastructure are ending fast, and IT teams need automation tools to move towards the modernization of IT becoming code, including infrastructure and security. The key is to have the flexibility; developers must wear the DevOps engineer hat and operate on a platform that can accommodate CI/CD pipelines. The pipelines, in turn, must meld with DevOps tools to integrate with ticketing systems, run security remediation playbooks, deploy Kubernetes with a security benchmark, and even harden on-premise sensors.

This session covered:
• What is DevSecOps
• What are CI / CD pipelines
• How CI / CD pipelines work for DevSecOps
• Why enterprises need hybrid CI / CD pipelines
• Real-world use cases of Hybrid Cloud CI / CD Pipelines for DevSecOps

Michael Fraser is the co-founder, CEO and chief architect at Refactr. Mike started his career in the United States Air Force working on F-15 fighter jets weapon systems and later as a cybersecurity engineer. While on active duty, Mike started his first company when he was 19 years old; a retail computer repair store. Mike has since founded multiple tech companies and is a regular speaker at numerous industry events, including CRN, various Microsoft events, RedHatAnsibleFest, DevOps Days, and All Day DevOps. He has published several feature articles including in Redmond Channel Partners, and appeared on the cover of Channel Pro Magazine. Mike aspires to be the world’s coolest dad for his 5-year-old autistic daughter. In his spare time, he is creating an augmented reality app to help autistic children communicate better in social situations. Mike earned a bachelor’s degree in application development from North Seattle College and has a master’s degree in computer science from Seattle University.

Michael during the session also share the following links:

Feedback Loops: Voices of All Day DevOps, Volume 2 – EBook

Test Drive a DevSecOps Reference Architecture

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