Test Driven Development with Molecule / Docker / Ansible

Molecule is a project that provides support to run multiple instances using different provides like Vagrant (Virtualbox, VMware), Docker, Cloud Instances and others; also with great test frameworks mostly for IT such Testinfra or Inspec as well as lint tools to validate the quality syntax of the roles.
Using this project, I will be talking about:
1. What are the requirement to get molecule working in a development environment?
2. Brief description on molecule structure and its integration with Ansible, Docker and Testinfra.
3. How to encourage Dev-Ops to create new ansible roles with a TDD mindset ?
4. Doing a demo of molecule commands and role creation from scratch.
5. All questions and interruptions are more than welcome to create a more interactive presentation and social environment rather than just a single-present-voice-with-accent.

Roberto Cardenas, Bachelor in Computer Sciences in 2009 and came from a Developer background with C++, C#, Java, Python, and Ruby. Started the DevOps career path in 2013 working Ansible, Docker, Chef, Jenkins, Powershell, BDD/TDD mindset with Cucumber Java, and Ruby.

Love any automation challenge with any tool in any environment. In my free time, I do sky diving, scuba diving, or any adventure with my family.

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