Thriving in the Cloud with HashiCorp Terraform and Vault

Tampa Bay DevOps will be hosting a meetup event on Terraform and Vault presented by Ray Ploski from HashiCorp. Event will be free and open to the public. Register here.

Tampa Bay DevOps – Thriving in the Cloud with HashiCorp Terraform and Vault | Meetup

Thriving in the Cloud with HashiCorp Terraform and Vault

The move to cloud involves a shift in operating model for infrastructure and security. Traditionally we had a relatively static world of dedicated servers, static IP addresses, and a clear network perimeter. In our new reality, we have ephemeral and elastic pools of infrastructure with dynamic IP addresses, and no clear security perimeter.

Join us as we demonstrate how DevOps can utilize HashiCorp Terraform to spin up resources using Infrastructure as Code in a way that is industry agnostic, that even allows developers to provision their own infrastructure via self-service.

We will also cover how HashiCorp Vault provides a different approach to security to mitigate the concerns of our new world, by focusing on securing infrastructure and application services through a trusted source of identity and secrets management.

Bio: Ray Ploski, Field CTO, HashiCorp, Inc.

For the past 25 years, Ray has been collaborating with companies, governments and other enterprises around the world to adopt and evolve new technologies via people, process, and tools.

He has a granular knowledge of enterprise information technologies, software architecture, application development, and complex systems re-architecture. He is a subject matter expert on Java, cloud-engineering and open-source platforms.

Prior to HashiCorp, Ray led the Application Development Practice at Red Hat, Inc. In that role he helped some of the world’s largest organizations roll out changes throughout the enterprise while adopting best practices with technologies in the local datacenter as well as in the public cloud.

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