Delivering fast and Reliable Test Data Environments

Getting fast, reliable data is one of the biggest challenges in the automation space. From development to provisioning for test data for automated test suites can be challenging. In the next Tampa Bay DevOps session, we will be exploring the different types and challenges. Please join us, and there will be a $100 gift card given away to one lucky person.

DevOps processes today rely on secure, reliable delivery of artifacts ranging from Docker images to binaries and executables. On the other hand, provisioning test data environments is problematic, with large data sets often requiring hours or even days to deliver. This session reviews technology is available to enable data to be managed as a DevOps artifact, stored in a distributed repo, for on-demand delivery of DevOps-ready data environments in seconds.

Paul Stanton is a former Director at Microsoft and co-founder of Windocks where he focuses on modern enterprise database operations and management. Paul is a widely read author and speaker on Docker containers and database virtualization for DevOps and other business needs. At Windocks, Paul focuses on industry-standard Linux and Windows file systems for database virtualization and automating Pure Storage, NetApp, Cohesity, and other proprietary storage systems.

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